Top 10 Computer Problems And How To Solve Them
(not in a specific order)
1: No picture on the monitor

2: The whole computer is frozen. It wont do anything!

3: All the icons are really big and the graphics don’t look right
4: The mouse wont move 

5: The computer wont do something that its done before

6: All the icons are black

7: The computer lags during the shutdown process. It has to be turned off by the
on/off switch alot
8: The computer reports a Windows Update is needed when it starts up

9: When clicking on a file attached to e-mail it opens up the wrong program

10: The screen goes blank

1: Check the little green light on the right side of the monitor to see if it is gettin power. On a laptop look to see if a light is on showing the laptop is on. Check the display settings, see if the light is dimmed so much that it looks black. Check the cables
2:Try pressing Control+Alt+Delete. Doing this 2x will make the computer shut off. If it does not shut down hold the on-off switch until the computer shuts down  
3:Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, then Display
4: The program you are using mite be "hung." Press Control+Alt+Deleteonce. Then the Task Manager will pop up. Click End Task
5:It is possible that its a software problem of one application rather than a problem with the computer itself 
-Right click on the desktop
-Click the Effects tab
-Uncheck the box that says "show icons using all possible colors."
-Click OK.
-Restart the computer.
-Return to the same menu and recheck "show icons using all possible colors."
-Click OK.
-Restart the computer again. 
7: Turn off "scan floppies at shutdown."

8: The only 2 things required for the security of your computer are CRITICAL UPDATES and SERVICE PACKS.
-Select a file
-Hold the Shift key while right-clicking the file
-Select "Open With..."
-Select a program you want to use 
-Put a checkmark next to "Always use this program to open this type of file" to permanently change the file
-Click OK
10: Check the power cord to the monitor 


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