A network is a group you belong to and socialize with, and the "members" have common interests, the same goals, live in the same place, or participate in the same activities.  You can share info and things you have learned/are learning with a network of people. This is called a personal learning network, or PLN. The friends and classmates that you hang out with at school is called your school network. The people you live with and all of your relatives are your family network. The people you talk with on Facebook or MySpace is your online social network.
Here are some tips for staying safe on an online social network:
1: Don’t post anything you will regret, like photos or videos.
2: Create a page for your favorites
3: Only share information you want people to see.
4: Think about how things you post could affect your future. Like a job or collage application.
5: If you don’t like something, flag it.
6: In Facebook set everything to private, and don’t post personal information about you or anyone else.
7: Don’t watch anything if it looks or sounds inappropriate.
8: Be a responsible user!, follow the age limit guidelines.
9: Don’t comment on peoples stuff with bad language.
10: Hide objectionable words!!!

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Mrs. Jorae
10/19/2011 03:19:53 pm

Congratulations you have earned $300.00 of virtual money! Add it to your Google Docs Spreadsheet and go on to the next activity!

Mrs. Jorae
10/19/2011 03:21:26 pm

Check your spelling please :)


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