Taking an online course is cool because you can be on your couch or in bed and taking an online course!
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  Sometimes classes online can be for collage, or just for learning more about something. Each day thousands of students get onto BlackBoard, Moodle, Plato, E20/20, and lots more online learning lessons to "attend" class. To be successful, you need some learning goals, and need to find out: Where do you like to learn? How do you like to learn? What’s your technology experience? Can you have access to online tools? In school, I’m taking an online course called Moodle with Mrs.Jorae. But I still have to be in school every day...
Some courses I might be taking one day:
1: Freemania! They have stuff like arts, crafts, music, and languages.
2: BBC Learning, because they have class clips, and teach a lot of subjects! I would like to take Arts and Design, Business Studies, or Languages
3: Alison, because they have 300  FREE online classes! Some I might like to take would be Starting a Business or Growth Strategies for Business

10/3/2011 06:47:39 am

Hey Aloe its Natalie I love your blog Its super cool feel free to check out my blog and leave me a comment!!!!!!=)

Mrs. Jorae
10/4/2011 01:34:04 am

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