Photos Courtesy Of Alore'
I got Sock Monkey on this beach towel by taking a posed picture of him on my green chair. Using green makes it easier to cut the photo out! Anyways, I uploaded it on to my computer and then found a pretty beach towel to lay him on. I cut my monkey out, and put him on there. I had to edit the size of him, and then I added a shadow.

Photos Courtesy Of Alore'
This photo was probably the hardest to edit. First, I took a picture of him with his hand to his mouth. Then i took a photo of a lemonade (which I drank after :P) Then I loaded these onto my computer, and opened them in Adobe Photoshop. I also opened the lake picture, which i took myself. I got the boat photo off the Internet. I edited these together, layered them, and added a shadow.

Photos Courtesy Of Alore'
How I got my sock monkey on the beach was by taking a photo of him against a green wall, then cut it out. I saved it on my computer and put it on a photo of Lake Michigan, which I took myself on my last vacation to Manistee. I added shadowing so it looked more realistic.
What I learned on Digital IS is that there are many responsibilities when editing a picture
The Responsibilities Of Editing A Photo:
-if you don’t have permission don’t use it
-if its inappropriate, someone could report you
-when you take a photo and its inappropriate you hold all the responsibilities for it

Mrs. Jorae
11/13/2011 04:38:24 am

Congratulations you have earned $500.00 of virtual money. Add this to your Google Docs spreadsheet! Move on to the next activity!

You recieved an extra $100.00 for the creating 2 additional images! Love them!


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