How To Be Safe Online:
1. People can save what is said online
2. Only say what you’d be willing to say in person
3. Don’t be “stalk worthy”
4. Kids should tell an adult if they are in an uncomfortable situation
5. Know where your kids are going (URL)
6. Don’t open things from people you do not know
7. Don’t show obvious signs of where you live, etc.
8. MySpace, and Facebook are NOT secure, even when private
9. Keep the computer in an open area of the house
10. Use common sense!

Here are Internet safety guidelines:
Show respect for yourself and others on the internet. If you received a private answer to your question or comments in a forum, chat room, or newsgroup, have the courtesy to post the response you received. Try not to use inappropriate or confrontational language. Remember that the person you are emailing or sometimes texting can't the expressions on your face. So be careful with your words and the jokes or sarcasms you use. An angry response will most likely produce another angry response. Avoid conflict by not responding repeatedly to an angry person chatting with you. If you are talking with someone and you feel uncomfortable, stop replying.

You can protect your identity by:
-placing an "intentional fraud alert" if your stolen info includes your social security number
-don’t use passwords such as your mothers maiden name
-take action right away if your identity is stolen
-if ills stop coming, someone might be hijacking your account
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11/13/2011 04:42:08 am

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