I have finished the Advanced Computers 7 course. In this course we created projects in Scratch. I'm done with computers for now, and this is my last blog post. 
I enjoyed making some of the Scratch projects, but others were very challenging. It was nice to get help from my peers, though.
I am proud that I reached Master!
Well, it’s the end of the 1st trimester. here’s some important information you should probably know about...

First of all, I will not be updating my blog ever again :/ I finished this course, and thus I decided I don’t want to keep adding things to it. You can still comment and visit it, of course, but I just won’t be updating it. Before I go though, I’m adding some more games and stuff.

Second, I am recommending this class to others. Because it’s fun, kinda easy, and you learn a lot! Also, you get to work at your own pace, so things are easier to do. This course will benefit you because you learn how t make websites, and things that are important like how to stay safe online, how to trouble shoot, etc.

Third, this course is somewhat challenging but also very fun! I think the thing I’m most proud of is the fact that I made my own website!!! Also, I got 100% in this class! It’s fairly easy to achieve greatness in this course.

Top 10 Computer Problems And How To Solve Them
(not in a specific order)
1: No picture on the monitor

2: The whole computer is frozen. It wont do anything!

3: All the icons are really big and the graphics don’t look right
4: The mouse wont move 

5: The computer wont do something that its done before

6: All the icons are black

7: The computer lags during the shutdown process. It has to be turned off by the
on/off switch alot
8: The computer reports a Windows Update is needed when it starts up

9: When clicking on a file attached to e-mail it opens up the wrong program

10: The screen goes blank

1: Check the little green light on the right side of the monitor to see if it is gettin power. On a laptop look to see if a light is on showing the laptop is on. Check the display settings, see if the light is dimmed so much that it looks black. Check the cables
2:Try pressing Control+Alt+Delete. Doing this 2x will make the computer shut off. If it does not shut down hold the on-off switch until the computer shuts down  
3:Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, then Display
4: The program you are using mite be "hung." Press Control+Alt+Deleteonce. Then the Task Manager will pop up. Click End Task
5:It is possible that its a software problem of one application rather than a problem with the computer itself 
-Right click on the desktop
-Click the Effects tab
-Uncheck the box that says "show icons using all possible colors."
-Click OK.
-Restart the computer.
-Return to the same menu and recheck "show icons using all possible colors."
-Click OK.
-Restart the computer again. 
7: Turn off "scan floppies at shutdown."

8: The only 2 things required for the security of your computer are CRITICAL UPDATES and SERVICE PACKS.
-Select a file
-Hold the Shift key while right-clicking the file
-Select "Open With..."
-Select a program you want to use 
-Put a checkmark next to "Always use this program to open this type of file" to permanently change the file
-Click OK
10: Check the power cord to the monitor 


This tool is useful because you can go to websites that you may not remember what they are called. It could help me later in life because it'll be available when I need to go to websites for school use, collage use, etc.



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=) This is a happy face.
D: This is a face of great sadness
:0 This is surprise, shock
>:/ This is a face of annoyance
0:-3 This is an angel, or to represent innocence
B-) This means wearing sunglasses, or being cool
@}-;-'--- This is a rose!
:P This is sticking your tongue out
:! This means no expression

An emoticon is a combination of words, emotions, and icons. Emoticons are used to show expression and emotions with things you say.

How To Be Safe Online:
1. People can save what is said online
2. Only say what you’d be willing to say in person
3. Don’t be “stalk worthy”
4. Kids should tell an adult if they are in an uncomfortable situation
5. Know where your kids are going (URL)
6. Don’t open things from people you do not know
7. Don’t show obvious signs of where you live, etc.
8. MySpace, and Facebook are NOT secure, even when private
9. Keep the computer in an open area of the house
10. Use common sense!

Here are Internet safety guidelines:
Show respect for yourself and others on the internet. If you received a private answer to your question or comments in a forum, chat room, or newsgroup, have the courtesy to post the response you received. Try not to use inappropriate or confrontational language. Remember that the person you are emailing or sometimes texting can't the expressions on your face. So be careful with your words and the jokes or sarcasms you use. An angry response will most likely produce another angry response. Avoid conflict by not responding repeatedly to an angry person chatting with you. If you are talking with someone and you feel uncomfortable, stop replying.

You can protect your identity by:
-placing an "intentional fraud alert" if your stolen info includes your social security number
-don’t use passwords such as your mothers maiden name
-take action right away if your identity is stolen
-if ills stop coming, someone might be hijacking your account
Here’s the definitions for the following terms:
Digital Citizenship: Digital Citizenship is appropriate, responsible behavior when you use technology
Netiquette: Netiquette is short for "network etiquette" or "Internet etiquette"
Cyber Bullying: Here is a definition from  the National Crime Prevention Council:
“online bullying, called cyber bullying, happens when teens use the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.”

Here are the 10 Rules of Netiquette:
1.  Write a meaningful subject line
2.  Keep it short
3.  Avoid using ALLCAPS (this signifies yelling)
4.  Use your judgment with attachments
5.  P-r-o-o-f-r-e-a-d
6.  Be careful what you say
7.  Reply promptly
8.  Pay attention to formatting
9.  Do not be flame happy
10. Reply to or forward an email to which you are referring
Photos Courtesy Of Alore'
I got Sock Monkey on this beach towel by taking a posed picture of him on my green chair. Using green makes it easier to cut the photo out! Anyways, I uploaded it on to my computer and then found a pretty beach towel to lay him on. I cut my monkey out, and put him on there. I had to edit the size of him, and then I added a shadow.

Photos Courtesy Of Alore'
This photo was probably the hardest to edit. First, I took a picture of him with his hand to his mouth. Then i took a photo of a lemonade (which I drank after :P) Then I loaded these onto my computer, and opened them in Adobe Photoshop. I also opened the lake picture, which i took myself. I got the boat photo off the Internet. I edited these together, layered them, and added a shadow.

Photos Courtesy Of Alore'
How I got my sock monkey on the beach was by taking a photo of him against a green wall, then cut it out. I saved it on my computer and put it on a photo of Lake Michigan, which I took myself on my last vacation to Manistee. I added shadowing so it looked more realistic.
What I learned on Digital IS is that there are many responsibilities when editing a picture
The Responsibilities Of Editing A Photo:
-if you don’t have permission don’t use it
-if its inappropriate, someone could report you
-when you take a photo and its inappropriate you hold all the responsibilities for it

What digital footprints have you made? You can leave a “footprint” on things, such as anything you Google, watch or comment on. You can think of a digital footprint as the trail of what you do online, like all the info you look at, the details you share, the games you play, the groups that you interact with. You leave history everytime you go online, and its always there. This map is of only a few places I have been, leaving a digital footprint.

A family had a fire and there entire house burned down D: (NOT LITERALLY). Here’s a visual organizer i made, presenting ideas that could help raise money for the family!