Here is a fortune teller I made! To play, think of a yes or no question. Then, click on the MAGIC BANANA to get an answer! Click as many times as you like. Music is 30 seconds of Delta Zone by Dean Barret! 

*Note: The Magic Banana is the most accurate banana you will ever click on*
To start the game, press the Z key twice. Then, use the arrow keys to direct the pencil. Try to guide it to the other coloured dot, and if you touch the white lines, you have to restart the level! Good luck, enjoy =D
Note: This game doesn't work online. To play, please click Learn More About This Project, then download onto your Scratch program!
Music: (Less than 30 seconds each)
First song: Caffeine by Patrick James Slattery
Second Song: Cartoon Chaos by Patrick James Slattery
Third Song: Lucky Luke by Patrick James Slattery




This is for my Animate! project. To start, press space! Watch as a huge party starts! Enjoy! Be sure to comment if you like it!

*And, keep it mind Cloud is supposed to have an accent in his voice... Read it in a Southern accent!*
This project took a very long time for me to make! I hope you enjoy it, it was a huge projct for me. Just press 1, and see what goes on!
Click the girl cat to hear a song made by me! Its called Space Out :)
Click on the blue tom cat to hear 30 seconds from Dont Take Me For Granted by Barrett Yeretsian!
To animate the joke telling squirrel dinos, click the d key! Enjoy!

4 Pong



Hey! Heres how to play UNIPONG! Hit the left arrow to start the game. Use your mouse to move the paddle. Hit the Unicorn! If the unicorn touches the purple stripe at the bottom of the screen YOU FAIL! Try again :)
Here is another project I made!
Click the Up Arrow to animate!
Enjoyyy! :)

This is my first project I created in scratch. I learned how to use a varible, and make a switch. 
Press space to start, click on Bethany to stop the music, and on the tampoline to make the music start again!
    Hey everyone! Heres a quick tip for when you watch these Scratch videos. Click on the video before you start to play it. Then, click the key used to animate it. Why? Well, some of the projects start the same way, and clicking on the project makes it so only that one plays!