Hey! I made this awesome video Windows Movie Maker, and i took all these pics!

Pivot 2!



This is another adorable Pivot vid! Its 2 elephants falling in loooove! The girl elephant is the little one (: the guy is the bigger one!
I made this awesome animation in Pivot! Its a FREE app! It took a while, but this is my final product! Its a child getting scolded by his teacher...For what?! NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW!!!
I made this video using Picasa. Its a Google app. It oraganizes all your photos! You can make videos, like I did.
I edited this one in Paint.Net! ENNJJOOY!
Hey! Right now in my digital design class, we are learning how a camera works. since i've learned a bit more than i've already known, i can take different pictures in different light settings.

1: Get Down On Their Level
- Hold you camera at the subjects eye level to capture gazing eyes and cute smiles
- The subject doesn’t have to look directly into the camera, the angle itself will make it appealing

2: Use A Plain Background
- Before taking the picture, check the background behind your subject
- Watch out for things like trees or poles poking out from behind the subjects head!!!
- Make sure the background isn’t cluttered, or else it will be distracting from the subje

3: Use the flash outdoors
- Use in bright sunlight to make shadows appear darker
- Use on cloudy days (sometimes)

4: Move In Close
- Fill the picture with the subject
- For small subjects, use macro mode to take pictures
5: Take Vertical Pictures
- Lots of pictures look way better in vertical
- Always take some vertical pictures when you are trying to capture a subject; they can always be rotated

6: Lock The Focus
-Lock focus by:
   1: Move the camera so the subject is in the middle
   2: Press the shutter halfway down
   3: Re-frame the picture while holding down the shutter
   4: Then press the shutter button all the way down
   7: Move it from the middle
- Take a picture of the subject off-center
- Lock the focus on your shot while reframing it

8: Know Your Flashes Range
- Pictures taken beyond maximum flash range will be dark!
- for a lot of cameras the flash range is 10 feet...check your hand book to be sure

9: Watch The Light
-Look and see how light affects the picture

10: Be The Picture Director
- Be the director! Don’t be a passive picture taker!
- Add props, arrange subjects, make it yours!
- Let them be themselves as well!





This is my 1st Wordle!
go to
http://www.wordle.net/create to make a Wordle! they are fun and easy to make!
i used my fav song (crazy love), my fav saying (dream the impossible) and a random motovational quote! (:
This is a video i made with animoto! enjoyyyy!!!

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